Knockout Pest Control Professional Periodical Service

Knockout are often considered a jack of all trades, as they are responsible for maintaining the quality of a building and ensuring the safety of employees, patrons, and other occupants on a daily basis—all while adhering to budgetary restraints. This often results in pest control efforts being placed toward the bottom of the to-do list, done on a shoestring budget, or even forgotten altogether. However, given the considerable consequences of an infestation, facility managers must be prepared to take action at the first sign of a pest problem.

Once inside, pests pose serious health and safety threats with the potential to contaminate food, spread dangerous diseases, and cause extensive structural damage to a building. In order to mitigate these threats in an effective and timely manner, facility managers should work with a licensed pest management company to develop a comprehensive pest management program consisting of preventive treatments, monitoring, regular inspections, and a set of procedures should the facility face an infestation.

Routine cleaning, dust, rain, heat, evaporation and painting can improve environment of your company. That’s another reason why you need regular KNOCKOUT treatment.

Our first treatment rids your premise of existing pests.

The next few treatments take care of any new pests that come into your premise or batch from existing eggs. (It may take several treatments to get rid of the pests that come from eggs already laid) Subsequent treatments get rid of pests that migrate into your premise. Since pests may come into your premise every day, it’s necessary to keep cleaning them out.