Knockout Pest Control Professional

⌈ Company Profile ⌋

KNOCKOUT has since 1987 provided comprehensive general public health and structural pest control service for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, public and private, in Pakistan. We employ personnel with high technical qualifications and experience in the field of pest control services. Our service technicians are professionally trained, properly equipped with the latest technological advancement and are supervised by our Entomologists and Termitologist who while attending control operations are’ on call to identity pest problems and advise as to the appropriate remedies. Our state of the art chemicals adopted after exhaustive research, have been chosen by our pesticide experts and proven, through trials, to be the most effective of their kind in controlling pests. They are approved  by the Environmental protection Agency (EPA), The world Health Organization (WHO). The US Department of Agriculture (USDA). KNOCKOUT continues to offer services that are satisfaction guarantee and that meet with the highest international standards of performance.

⌈ Our IPM Program ⌋

Our objective is to develop integrated Pest Management system (IPM) in the premises that IPM Incorporates following essential elements of Pest Management.

♦ Our IPM programs goals are to use non – chemicals means to control or limit pest infestations where possible and to minimize the use of pesticides.

♦ Inspect – inspect – inspect  This is our key to an effective IPM program. Inspection provide the information from which prudent decisions are made as to how a pest infestation is managed or eliminated  Monitoring traps are useful tools.

♦ High – risk areas for pest activity will be identified. The number and type of these areas may differ from area to area . High – risk areas will be inspected and services at least once per month .

♦ All conditions, which are carefully Contributing or could potentially contribute to a pest infestation , will be identified and addressed Sanitary deficiencies are a major factor affecting pest activity in a facility . The management plays the major role in this part of our IPM programs.

♦ Communication is critical to meeting the goals of our IPM. Building a working relationship with the management and their employees greatly aids our technician in providing the best

♦ When treatment is necessary, pesticides will be applied directly to pest harborages minimizing pesticides use. The inspection is the key to making this work. Our core objective is to find the source and solve the problem.

♦ Insecticide baits will effectively used in many locations.

♦ Rodent control will be accomplished with traps where possible. Traps and baits station will be maintained on a regular basis in certain areas of the facility. A diagram of the location of these devices will be kept in the pest sighting book

We will record the location of pest activity for future reference in a pest activity book.

⌈ Mission Statement ⌋

KNOCKOUT seeks to provide high quality, reliable, individualized Pest Management Services that covers all over Pakistan. We provide Dependable, Cost-effective, hassle-free services according to needs of the customer.

⌈ Our Philosophy ⌋

At KNOCKOUT, we recognize that every customer is unique, our job is listen to understand those needs, we believe premium quality should not necessitate premium cost. Our services are superior, the results are measurable and our rates are very competitive.

⌈ Services Scope ⌋

Where others talk of pest problems we talk of pest solutions. And where others often draw a blank, we know exactly the way to get to where you want to go.

Whether termite control, general pest control, the term Pest Management is brought to life on a daily basis at KNOCKOUT with the perfection you expect from us.

⌈ Our Way Our Vision ⌋

The KNOCKOUT philosophy can be distilled into one simple formula: Can do! That is a promise which we have been fulfilling over and over for a long, and which will remain the highest factor guiding our actions in the future.